Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Thoughts To All The Medical People Following Our Trip...

Here in Uganda we are all becoming more acquainted. We have had many new and interesting experiences many of which will never be spoke of again. Day one in the hospital was one of those experiences.

For all those medical folks that are following the blogs; we had a baby born at quiting time. Sandi delivered him then yelled for me STAT! He was a meconium baby at less than 6lbs. He had an APGAR of 1 at 1min, 5min and a 3 at 10 min. We had no suction, no warmer and no O2. At 10 min someone found an O2 tank but then Tracy had to figure out how to put a cracked regulator on it.

All my NRP training came back in a rush. To make a long long story short, by the time we left (only because there was nothing else we could do) he had a good HR, decent color but not yet crying and his temp was 95. Fast forward to the next morning he was crying and eating like any good baby should. What a miracle! This was not the team building experience that we expected. We were able to shed a lot of tears together. Both of frustration at our weaknesses and in joy for his survival. The team is cement now.

We have shared a lot of laughs since then. Mostly at Tim and his sense of humor and timing. As of today (Wednesday) we have seen 127 people in the eye clinic and unknown numbers of people in the medical clinic. All with a story. A lot of people want glasses to be able to read their Bible, that is their number one complaint. Some of the faces of these people will be with me for a long time. I took pictures of some of them. The old people with a mouth full of teeth and the biggest brightest smiles and those with no teeth smiling as well. All happy to see again. What a profound feeling. Well that's all for now. I turn into a pumpkin very soon.

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