Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Long Overdue Update

Did anyone miss me? Isn't it amazing how quickly time can fly by! I've been all over the mid- to north-eastern US in the last couple months. And things are like a whirlwind of activity here at home (Valley Word.) Our Website is up...YEAH!!!!! WHOO HOOO!!! There are still a large number of "Under Construction" pages, but what's up is looking great! Thanks to all of the Literary Development Team and the NetMinistry Team who helped to bring it to a reality. It takes a team of people to produce anything of greatness. "One is too insignificant a number for greatness." ~ John Maxwell

We had a very successful community outreach on October 31st. We had our Second Annual Festival of the Nations, with eight countries represented. Everyone did such a great job of preparation, and the kids who attended had a fantastic time...Actually, so did the adults. Kudos to all who gave of their time, energy, and finances to reach out to the kids in the Roanoke Valley with a fun and safe alternative to halloween! Please check out our pictures from the event--especially Pastor in his private VW Airlines Jet!

I've got a lot to report, but not a lot of time in which to do it. So here goes! Following is a Synopsis of the Uganda 2007 Mission Trip giving, broken down by project:

Shipment of Equipment and Supplies

Shipping of the 40ft Container filled with medical equipment and supplies: $5000- paid

Purchase of Storage Container in which supplies will be stored in Kampala: $1500- paid

Customs "Fees" for clearance of shipment when it arrives in Africa: $2000- in hand

Chicken/Fish Pond Project

Cost of excavation and pouring of concrete: $3000- paid

Purchase of Well Pump: Shipped--sent in Shipment listed above

Final Project costs (materials for chicken coop, purchase of chickens and fish): $2000- in hand

Medication Purchase

Purchase of adequate medications/immunization supplies for team to use to treat patients for one whole week: $1000- in hand

Praise God for His faithfulness!! And for the faithfulness of all who have sown into this project this far. Thank You!!!

Our Team is so excited as the departure day approaches. We are each still involved in our own fundraising efforts for our airfare, food, lodging, and travel insurance monies. So, if you aren't called to go to Uganda, please consider sponsoring one or more missionaries with a seed of whatever size the Holy Spirit lays on your heart to give. Every financial seed you sow helps to produce a harvest in the Kingdom of God! And you receive the same reward as those who physically go to the Mission Field.

Well, I have to's getting late, ehh...Early...Whatever! I'm tired, anyway! May the Blessing of Abraham operate in your life. We are truly blessed to be a blessing to others!