Friday, July 31, 2009

Thoughts From Debbie...

I am very happy to be in Uganda again. There are many things that I had forgotten about being outside a major city, mainly the pollution. Everyone has to dispose of their own garbage and most burn it. It causes a nasty sinus response. God sent a nice breeze today to take it away so that we were able to breathe easier and see the beauty of the city more clearly from the guest house. We have seen more of Kampala this trip that all of the last trip. The people dress differently in the city, especially the women. There were many who were dressed much like the women in the US. We have also seen far more international travelers. I think it might be the high tourist season.

Plans are coming along well for the projects and we have made contacts with some wonderful people. The schedule for the health projects is set. Ms Doreen is such a wonderful woman of God, she knew what she wanted and how it would work with the school schedule. I think it will be a success.

I must say that Joshua has been instrumental in the success of the trip thus far. He met us at the airport with his nieces bringing us roses. I felt like a rock star. Then revived us with dinner and conversation. I really appreciate all he has done for us and with us.

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