Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On Our Way...Sort Of!

Well, the lead (consisting of me, Chris, and Rocky) are on our way...at least sort of. We're sitting on an Airbus A330-200, ready to make the first of two 8-hour flights that will carry us to Uganda. We started to taxi a while ago, then the plane stopped. We're parked here right now. Apparently there is a weather front somewhere off the coast...approx an hour out if I understood correctly. We're all just waiting until the "coast is clear" so we can take off.

I heard a few people grumbling about the delay. It brought to mind those who tragically passed away earlier this year off the South American coast in a storm. I'm sure that if they could give us advice right now, they'd tell us the delay is so much better than a possible alternative...

Anyway, once we get started we're expecting a great flight... We're leaving!!! Yay!

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