Thursday, February 19, 2009

School and Clinic Progressive Report From Pastor Solomon

This is an update from Pastor Solomon regarding King Solomon's Academy and Life Link Medical Centre:

The new year started well with the school opening for the first school term, we were blessed to have new desks for the upper classes, small chairs for the nursery kids and their tables, the kids are enjoying this new development, we were also able to pay the teachers salaries now they are very motivated to do their job.

Can you compare on the attachments the pictures of the type of desks we have been using and the ones we now have, also the carpenters busy working, this is also a way of helping the economy when we put people to work and pay them.

As kids came back we noticed that most were sickly and we have been attending a lot to their medical challenges, thank God for our Doctors that have done a great job.

We have also employed two more teachers to handle the candidate class, we are very happy to have Primary seven and we are very thankful for the support that has come from our kids sponsors that has made it possible for us to help these little ones that deserve a chance in life.

One young boy aged 10 by the names of Joel Kimera reported to school two weeks late, we call him the dancing boy at school and he is easily noticed, two weeks late was too much for the teachers and his fellow kids. When he finally reported to school, we all wanted to know why he started late, his answer was, I was mending shoes and saving the money to help buy the school requirements because I don’t have a sponsor.

Joel was making a few cents a day trying to raise $10, his story was told to the rest of the kids and those with sponsors were the most grateful for the support that keeps them in school.

We thank you very much for touching lives and impacting the next generation.

Here are the kids on their new seats in the new setting.

Life Link Clinic.

The community have continued to receive quality service from our Doctors and staff . I’m happy to report that the District of Wakiso has donated a Fridge to handle vaccines, this helps them remain in the right temperature. The first day we used the fridge using the this Fridge on 11th Feb we had 109 kids.

We have continued to do immunization for free every Wednesday, and lots of kids are coming in.

We have also added on one more Doctor, so we have one Doctor and a supporting nurse during the day and another doctor and a mid wife working at night.

Here are of the pictures of the baby minutes after being born and another little kid being taken care of.

The mother of this baby came to church Sunday 15th Feb attended the morning service and almost delivered in church, very poor and abandoned by her husband without a coin, we rushed her to the Life Link and our Staff took care of her and a baby boy was born. The baby was very big and would have needed surgery but thank God for the situation was handled well, we will in the future need a room where major surgery can be done because of the need we are faced with, can you imagine referring such a patient to a bigger Hospital without an Ambulance, and most patients don’t have cars to run them to a referral Hospital in case of an emergency. All in all we thank God because we are able to give a service to the people who would have died if our Clinic was not there.

After this lady had given birth, she told us that if it had not been a Sunday, she was going to give birth in her house because she didn’t have the money to take her to Hospital, and seeing what our Midwife went through helping her deliver and the size of the baby, she would have been a gone case.

We thank God for the work of ministry through health care, education and the Church because lives are being touched.

I will send you a report on the church. We have one more Witchdoctor who handed to us his tools yesterday and we will put them on fire on Sunday when all the believers are there. I will send those pictures in my next weeks church report.

Thanks for your support.

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