Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Midweek Update

We're working on getting the total trip cost figured up for the upcoming trip to Uganda in August 2009. Once we hear back from the travel agency and one of our Ugandan contacts we'll update everyone. This year's trip will be 2 weeks long and the team will have an opportunity to do an overnight on a game reserve too. The staff of Life Link Medical Center, Bulenga Province, Kampala, Uganda are already excited about our group coming back, and we're believing for God to do some great things while we're there.

Please commit to keeping our team and trip in your prayers, as the groundwork is laid long before the team ever steps onto the plane to head to Uganda. Some things that you can keep in your prayers include:

  1. All of God and none of us...
  2. Open doors of utterance for the gospel while we are there and for the team to speak the Word with boldness.
  3. That the Word of God would be confirmed with "Signs Following"
  4. Wisdom for all of us who are in leadership on this trip and that we would hear the voice of the Holy Spirit clearly and obey Him. (I know that seems like a "no-brainer", but we're all human!)
  5. The health and safety of the team.
  6. The finances for each team member. Each team member is responsible for
    raising his or her own funds (all tax deductible, of course.) We expect
    the cost per team member to be at least $3000 due to the high cost of
    airfare to Africa.
  7. That there would be no spirit of strife or division among our team. That we would be clothed in humility and have, as a friend of mine says, a "Gumby" attitude toward the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

That's a start...In my next blog I'll share some scriptures you can pray over our team and trip. Be blessed! Thanks for your prayers

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