Thursday, February 22, 2007

Final Blog Post from Uganda...this trip....

22-02-2007, 23:36 Uganda time, 02-22-2007, 15:36 EST

Wow! It's hard to believe that seven days have gone by already! The bus will be here in six hours to pick us up to go back to the airport in Entebbe. (You remember the movie The Raid on Entebbe? Same airport. It still has soldiers with rifles, but without the rest of the drama.) We had to say our "Goodbyes" today, and it was a very tearful moment for some of us. While we've only been here a week, the people of Uganda have become a part of our lives. They've become our family. And we're already looking forward to "next time".

This morning at the Medical Centre a small baby was brought in for treatment. He had been burned on his face, chest, arm, and leg by scalding water. It had happened on Monday, but she didn't bring the child in immediately, but waited until today... which shows the need for community education regarding health care. Shaun and Debbie dressed the burns, but the baby was badly dehydrated. I was able to start an IV and get IV fluids running. There has been a great improvement since this morning. within just a couple hours the baby was playing with things around him.

We've completed a lot of staff education in the last three days, and they are much better equipped than they were before. The man with the bad decubitus ulcer is coming along very well. He has continued to return for dressing changes every day so far. The wound is looking good, and we are praying that it will continue to heal quickly without any difficulty.

23-02-2007, 05:15 Uganda time, 02-22-2007, 21:15 EST

Gotta love it! Almost done with this post last night (about 10-15 since my last SAVE) and the power went off! When the back-up kicked in, it was off of their solar system, which doesn't power the computers. The generator is back on now (as of 04:30-ish) so I'll try to finish before the bus gets here.

We got to go out to the children's school (King Solomon's Academy) yesterday and the day before to see the children who are sponsored by the members of our church. We got to see all but 2 or 3 who go to another school that is a distance away. The kids were so fantastic! We've got lots of pictures, but unfortunately I am unable to upload this morning because the business centre isn't open for me to hook up with my laptop. And my jump drive won't read in this computer... :D LOL AHhhh, Uganda!

Well, the bus is here to take us to the airport, so I've got to run...One last praise report, though. The first baby to be born in the new Life Link facility was born yesterdy afternoon. The mother was going to name her Debbie in honor of our Debbie, because of the love and support that Debbie showed to her during labor...God is good! See you soon...

Sandi and the team

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