Friday, December 15, 2006

The VWM Special Forces Mission Team

Well, in less than two months now our team will be on our way to Africa. We'll actually be somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean two months from when I'm writing this post. I know that each one of us is excited as the day approaches, and the next two months will probably go by faster than we'd like them to go. There's still a lot that needs to be done, both in the natural realm and in the spirit realm also.

I received a letter from Pastor Solomon, updating me on some of the things that are happening over in Kampala. There are new pictures on the Online Photo Album, so be sure to check those out, and there are more to come that I haven't yet received. One of the sobering bits of news that Pastor Solomon included in the e-mail was that one of the young students at King Solomon's Academy died last week after succumbing to Malaria. It seems so senseless that a disease that is preventable and treatable still claims the lives of so many people. It makes it that much more imperative that our team partners with the staff of Life Link Medical Centre to aid in vaccinating the people and treating those who are already ill.

I know that those of us at Valley Word have a very personal connection with the Academy as various members of our congregation together financially support fifty children on a monthly basis. I am so proud of the outpouring of love that I've seen from our members in the area of giving to others. I have truly seen the love of God shine forth from my church family to those who are less fortunate. My thanks goes out to all who have been a part of this project thus far, and to those who have yet to participate!

Having said all that, I wanted to really share with you what's on my heart in regards to this trip. Of course, we all know that in the natural we are going over to do a medical and humanitarian project, along with Pastor having the opportunity to minister the Word every night, BUT there's more to it in my mind. Let me paint a picture for you...

In your mind's eye, picture a battleground. There are soldiers from both sides in the picture, and plenty of civilians. You're looking at Uganda. Remember, the battle I'm talking about is a spiritual battle, so although we're looking at people, when I refer to the enemy, I'm actually when I'm talking about the spirit that's controlling the people. People aren't our enemies. We're fighting against a spirit of anti-christ that is trying to take over where ever it can gain ground.

When Pastor Solomon was here he shared with us that the Muslim community is planning on building 450 schools in Uganda, not only to provide a free education to those children, but to introduce them to the Islamic belief system/values. Just as most of the kids at King Solomon's Academy have accepted Christ and the New Birth by exposure to the Gospel, the likelihood of children and parents being converted to Islam is VERY HIGH if the are attending the free schools and receiving aid from the Muslim community. Right now, the country of Uganda is a Christian country. Even the wife of the President is a born-again, spirit-filled Christian. But, I've heard it said before that it only takes one generation to win or lose a country. This is a crucial stage in the spiritual battle for Uganda.


Our team has an opportunity to go in and impact not only the city in which we'll be working, but the entire nation itself! When I look at our VWM Mission Team, I see us as a Spiritual Special Forces Team. Let me explain. Encarta describes Special Forces like this:

"Special Forces, highly trained branch of the United States Army, specializing in unconventional or guerrilla warfare...The growth of the force, most notably through its role in Southeast Asia during the 1960s, reflects the increasing importance accorded guerrilla tactics in modern revolutionary and political developments around the world. Special Forces personnel...were trained to infiltrate enemy-controlled territory and contact and organize local dissidents for guerrilla operations..."

"Special Forces," Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia 2006 © 1997-2006 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Guerilla Warfare is defined as: "...military or paramilitary operations conducted in enemy-held territory by irregular forces, often groups indigenous to that territory."

"Guerrilla Warfare," Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia 2006 © 1997-2006 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

When we think of "Spiritual Warfare" strategies, we usually think of evangelists, witnessing, etc. Medical and construction projects aren't usually considered warfare tactics. But I submit to you that they are. In the description of Special Forces, it mentioned "unconventional and guerilla warfare." That's the category under which I believe that our projects fall. We are joining with those indigenous "spiritual soldiers" (Pastor Solomon, the staff at Life Link Medical Centre, and the other workers there) to use unconventional tactics to "infiltrate enemy-controlled territory" and take possesion of it.


  • As we complete the Chicken - Fish Pond Project we will be helping to change the nutritional status and health of the Kampalan people. By providing increased protein for their diets and additional instruction in the area of proper eating habits and nutritional requirements we will be empowering the people to achieve healthier lifestyles.

  • By combining the food that the project will produce for them to market to other communities and businesses with instruction in how to market that food, we will be helping to improve their economic status.

  • The equipment we've shipped over for the Medical Centre will help to make it one of the best equipped medical centres in the area. With that and the training which we will provide to the indigenous staff they will have the ability to DIAGNOSE and treat a larger range of illnesses. That will greatly impact the whole Kampala area.

  • The availability of that equipment will attract patients who are actually financially able to pay for their treatment. The additional income will allow the clinic to buy more medications and supplies and treat more people.

All in the Name of our wonderful Jesus!

As we share the Love of God through our "unconventional warfare tactics" the Holy Spirit will have an opportunity to use those things to minister to the hearts of the people. We are anticipating a great harvest of souls both from the seeds we have already begun to sow in the lives of the people of Uganda and those which will be sown once we are there. When we arrive in Uganda, we plan to not only hold back the forces of the enemy, but to push them back and take ground from the enemy!

We are...the VWM Special Forces Mission Team!

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