Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Uganda Missions 2006: Where We're Going and Why

During the last two weeks of September 2006, a team of highly-skilled, anointed, on-fire-for-God (and did I mention Humble?) people from the Roanoke Valley will embark upon a Life-Changing Adventure of Epic Proportions! OK, so maybe I've watched a little too much LOTR or such lately, but it will be an adventure. And it will certainly be life-changing for those of us who are going.

We are partnered with FCCI (Faith Community Churches International) and Good News Ministries in Kampala, Uganda. The medical part of our team will assist the staff of the Life Link Clinic in Kampala, treating up to 400 people per day. The construction part of our team will work on "The Chicken/ Fishpond Project". This project will provide chickens, eggs, fish, irrigation for crops, and an extra income for an entire village.

Just a little over a week ago we were able to ship over $200,000 worth of supplies to a central staging area at Faith Community Church in Tucson, AZ where other churches have also shipped supplies. From there the supplies will travel in a 40ft shipping container, first by land and then by sea to Africa. The cost of overseas shipping is $10,000. We know that that sum is no problem for the God who "owns the cattle on a thousand hills."

If you are led to partner with us in the shipping costs, cost of "The Chicken/Fishpond Project", or our other missions expenses, such as airfare, lodging, immunizations (Ouch!), etc., please email us at or phone us at (540) 562-1500. We will provide details on how you may sow your finances into this awesome mission trip and have a part in the harvest of souls that we will see brought into the Kingdom.

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